Monday, 16 June 2014

Visa on arrival for Burma Myanmar

In this article, we would like to show you the instructions to do Myanmar Visa on Arrival and Visa Extension for tourists coming to Burma (Myanmar). This Myanmar Visa on arrival (VOA) in other name is called Pre-arranged visa on arrival in Myanmar.

Myanmar pre-arranged visa on arrival

Myanmar pre-arranged visa on arrival is actually linked with an Burma authorized tour operator who has license to offer you the service. All you have to do is to send the visa application form and your photo to your choosen tour operator, they will help you to obtain a document stating Visa on Arrival, allowing you to get visa upon arrival.

We will require the following facts together with p/p size scan photo from each applicant is as under:

Your full name as in your p/p
Gender (sex)
Father's name
p/p related 5 data: passport (a) number (b) issue / expired date (c) place of issue & (d) issuing authority
Date of birth (D - M - Y)
Place of birth
Occupation in native country
Full address in your present native country -- (not PO Box No. or C/o address)
Purpose of visit to Myanmar
Arrival / departure dates to / from Myanmar
Flight number & airline that you will fly in / out of Myanmar
Personal related four data, colour of your (a) hair (b) eyes (c) complexion & (d) your height

Important : We also require your tour plan and hotel booking which is a must for us to be able to apply your Myanmar Visa on Arrival at the Ministry of Hotels and Tourism. We can also book Hotels for your stay in Myanmar.

If approved, we will send you the ‘Approval Letter’ that you have to show upon arrival at the Yangon International Airport. Note: we let you know in advance that visa fee is not yet collected and to be paid on arrival at the Immigration Counter at the Yangon Airport.

Visa Extension 

Visitors can apply Visa Extension (2 weeks extension only) as below:

A. Fill in th Extension form  we provide.

B. If you are sure you will be need Visa Extension before you arrive, you can give us the form, your original passport and 2 photos and USD 50 for 2 weeks extension.

C. If you are not sure, print out this form and call us at +84977343986 when you are in Yangon. We will collect recommendation for your hotel the form, passport, 2 photos and 50 USD for 2 weeks extension.

D. For Visa 1st one must obtain a letter of endorsement from Ministry of Hotel & Tourism and then submit to Ministry of Immigration. It will take at least 2 days and max 5 days to get Tourist Visa extended.

E. If you home any Further Question Please refer to our FAQ section or send us an e-mail.

Up to date:
Since 10/03/ 2014, Myanmar Visa on Arrival for tourist is suspended. Almost Burma travel agencies cannot help you with this issue but we are entirely able to assist if you book Myanmar Tour Package or Burma Tour Package via us.

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