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Chin State, hidden jewel of Mrauk U

Home to stunning geographical landscapes and friendly people, Myanmar offers some of the world’s best trekking and hiking trails. Explore this alluring region with the local operator. From light day hikes in the hilltribes of Myanmar to some relaxation in the resort, we can offer the itineraries to suit your needs. Our expert adventure teams know the best routes and hidden paths in the unspoiled wilderness of the region for your trekking adventure holiday.

Some useful information:
Chin State, Mrauk U is really magnificent both for landscape and ethnic culture. T
o visit this place, you need to have Myanmar Visa then start your trip either in Mandalay or Yangon with a short flight o Bagan. From Bagan, you head west to explore Chin rugged area.
Burma Tour Operator offers this tour only from November to April.

Day 01: Bagan - Ponetaung Ponenyar - Mindut
Crossed the mighty Ayeyarwaddy as dawn smashes, start to drive to Mindut. The stops around small stupas and nat shrines at the summit for photography will create breathtaking emotion inside our hearts. Our delicious lunch will be in a village namely Paut. Arrive at Mindut, in the evening, for check-in at a small hotel before strolling around the town. Take pleasure in dinner at a restaurant and spend night stay at hotel.

Day 02: Mindut - Khone Eai village
Drive first for 14 miles to the west of the town by jeep in the light of the early morning. It is pursued by the pine forest trekking to the target, Hilaung Village situated on the valley of the pine forest mountain with about 400 villagers, for about one hour. The dense forest there is a sort of factor generating the cold weather. It is Helong Village on the way and one site worthy for sightseeing in it is a Buddhist stupa donated by King Alaungsithu of Bagan by the time of making a trip to Chin State. A memorable trek to Khone Eai Village is the next one in order for evening sightseeing and all will end up with charming dinner and night span at a traditional house.

Day 03: Khone Eai village - Amlong village
Have a delightful Chin Hill morning together with a pleasurable trekking enjoying the natural beauty – birding, wildlife nature and scenic vista – of the forest along the mountain range to Htwe Village. The next one hour trekking after Htwe Village is to Htal Pan Village for tasty lunch. The way up walking on the pine forested mountain range is an easy, an hour long trek. The evening sightseeing will be at Amlong Village having about 20 houses. Enchanting dinner and memorable night stay at a small Buddhist monastery on the hill.

Day 04: Amlong village - Kyar Aie Nu village
Commence the full day tour with the down trekking to Chake Chaung River for one and a half hour. A suspension bridge is excellent to experience while crossing the river for the two hour up trekking to Htwe Inn Village populated by animists looked like the people in stone age. Go and see their shaman’s house to observe their beliefs and customs. After lunch, continue to Lee Shee for sightseeing of traditional huts. Arrival at Kyar Aie Nu Village, a big village on the height of 1600 m, will be in the evening and the sightseeing includes Chin traditional hand-made smoking pipe workshops. Have dinner and stay for night at a house.

Day 05: Kyar Aie Nu village - Madat village
Begin with an interesting trek along the hill side of Chin Mountain to villages: Turdo Village, Htay Pan Village and Masan Village. The evening sightseeing will be in Madat Village, the biggest one during our trekking with about 800 populations having a small primary school. The Nat shrine in the middle of the village, a nice one as a garden beside the famous Mt. Victoria, is the most interesting. Charming dinner and cool night stay at the village leader’s house.

Day 06: Madat village - Kyardo village
Morning leisure made us pleased is followed by the trekking and sightseeing in villages of the hill tribes and lunch at Loat Pe Village, there only traditional ways can be viewed, as in their holy wooden poles and stone tombs. Kyardo Village lied on the hill side of the valley of the green mountain range will offer us a lovely evening by their traditional means of life such as in their ancient-styled huts made of wood and bamboo. Tattoo faced women wearing traditional costumes can be watched whilst they are celebrating their authentic Chin traditional dancing there they will serve their traditional wine, Khaungye, as showing their hospitality. Enjoy dinner and overnight at a village house.

Day 07: Kyardo village - Aye village
The full day tour will have a commencement, trekking on the hill of the river valley and cross the river to trek over the mountain range where enjoy bird calls and forests’ natural beauty. After lunch at Khelonethat village, proceed to Aye Village, a small Chin village on the hill side of the forest mountain in Natmataung national park. Having a fascinating beauty as a once British’s hill-camp with some old colonial constructions, the weather there is quite cold. Also there, taking photos of tattoo-faced women and their ways of living is valuable for the use of time. Aye Village will give each and all of us pleasing experience of dinner and night stay.

Day 08: Aye village - Mt. Victorial - Kanpalat
To the base camp of Mt. Victoria by jeep for 10 miles along the scenic forest full of pine trees with the whirling of bird calls is the first program of the day. Take some snacks and water for our trekking and hiking during the time of passing the most famos birding area in Myanmar. Within the 3 hour-trekking to the top of the mountain, 10200 ft above sea level, from the base camp, 6500 ft in height, the first 45 minutes will give us a new experience of the steep and difficult portion of the path. All exhaust, however, will go away by the time of seeing the panoramic view from the summit. After a sufficient rest at the apex, come back to our jeep and it takes for about 2 hours. The relaxing dinner and memorable night stay at a hotel in Kanpalat.

Day 09: Kanpalat - Bagan
The morning after breakfast is programmed with jeep ride to Bagan including a short rest in Saw Village as well as the incident of driving in the pine forest. Lunch at a small local restaurant in Kazunma Village, one of the big Myanmar villages in Magwe Division, has a new sort of taste along the connection between central and western Myanmar. Upon arrival at Bagan, enjoy dinner at a hotel.


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