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Ecotourism sites cannot be missed in Burma (Myanmar)

National Botanical Garden
It is located in Pyin Oo Lwin, Mandalay Division. It larges 13792 hectares and established in 1915. You can study about 344 species of forest tree, 42 spices of orchid, and 25 species of Rose. There are inland indigenous birds (resident forest birds), reptiles, small mammal species and insects are present.

Moeyungyi Wetland Wildlife Sanctuary
Located in Bago and Waw Townships of Bago Division, 112 km from Yangon along the Yangon -Bago- Pyinpongyi Highway. It is 104 square kilometers large and Established in 1986. you can see more then twenty species of aquatic and herb ( Emergent macrophytes ) including kaing grass and water are present in the sanctuary and Notsaba ( Oxyza officinalis) grow particular in shallow area of the sanctuary. Especially Kaing grassland are the most suitable breeding ground for water birds.

Nat Ma Taung National Park
Located in Kanpetlet, Mindut and Matupi Townships of Chin State. It has 723 square kilometers and established in 1994. There are 4 kinds of Forest such as: Hill Evergreen Forests, moist Upper Mixed Deciduous Forests, Pine Forests (above 2700 m) and Hill Savannah. You can study mammals such as tiger, bear wild board, leopard, goar, serow, gibbon, etc. and 159 bird species, reptiles and butterfly.

Popa Mountain
Located in Kyaukpadaung Township of Mandalay Division and only 1 hour drive from Bagan. It is 129 square kilometers and Established in 1983 and opened as Park in 1989. You can see Monkey, barking deer, wild pig; jungle cat; wild dog and about 140 avifauna species inhabit the Popa area. The dusky leaf monkey is a scarce animal and about 150 monkeys live in the Popa Mountain Park. About 40 medicinal plants and some climbers are growing in the Popa Mountain Park. These plants and climbers are being explored through filed research works.

Hkakaborazi National Park
Located in Naungmung Township of Kachin State. Its area is 3816 square kilometers and Established in 1996. There lies Evergreen Forests, Hill Pine Forests and Moist Upper Mixed Deciduous Forests. In addition to rare species such as Takin, Musk Deer, Blue Sheep, Black Barking Deer, Phet Gyi (Muntiaus putaoensis), mammal species and insects such as butterflies are present.

Inle Wetland
Located in Naung Shwe, Pinlaung and Peh Kon Townships of Southern Shan State. Its area is 1665 square kilometers and established in 1985. You can study Otyza granulata , Dalbergia spinosa, Hypericm prunizolium, Coladium spp.., Desmodium oblongum, Enhydra zluctuans, Panicum sarmentosum grow on the natura floating islets. Salix tetrasperma , Ficus spp. Crataexa nurvala , Mitragyna parvizolia Salmalia malabarica syn.., Bombax malabaricum are found in shallow water or on the shores. There is a residence of 37 species of birds, 27 species of wetland birds, 14 species of migratory birds, 40 species of freshwater fishes, otter and turtle.

Sein Ye Forest Camp
Located in Oaktwin Township of Bago Division with the area of 40 hectares. It is established in 1996 and you can reach there by car from Yangon to Oaktwin , 268km and Oaktwin to Sein-Ye camp, 32 km along Bago Yoma crossing. It is a home of Asia elephant tiger , leopard ,guar banteng or wild cow, sun bear, wild boar, sambur, sneeze and resident birds.

Yangon Zoological Garden
It is 27.7 hectares large and Established in 1906. It is situated in close proximity of the Great Shwedagon Pagoda, Royal Lake, Aquarium, Karaweik Hall and Yangon Railway station. There are about 300 tree species, totaling over 15,000 trees, are planted and 59 species of mammals, 60 species of birds and 18 species of reptiles, amounting to over 1300 species are kept in additional, elephant, rhinoceros, tapir, hippopotamus, camel, tiger, lion, deer, various species of monkey, snake, tortoise, crocodile and various species of birds, a pair of tusks, of the white elephant which died in 1219 during the region of King Thibaw, skeleton of a whale 21.6 meters in length and a statue of Stegosaurus are exhibited.

Myaing Hay Wun Elephant Camp
It is located in Taikkyi Township of Yangon Division and larges 4 hectares. It is established in 1986. You can see Elephant, Gaur, Banteng, Barking deer, Wild boar, Hare Wild cat, Green Peafowl, Ruddy sheld duck, Butterflies, Moths, Snakes, Monitar lizard, Ground lizard, Grass lizard and Chameleon.

Hlawga Park
Located in Htaukkyant Model Village, Mingaladon Township, Yangon Division with 216 hectares, comprising a wildlife park (327 hectares), a mini-zoo (25 hectares) and a buffer zone (264 hectares). It is established on 30 September 1982. There are Thamin, hog deer, barking deer, sambar deer, rhesus monkey, pythons, pangolin, mythun, all have in the fenced wildlife park. In the mini-zoo small mammals, birds, tigers, leopards, bears and estuarine crocodiles are being displayed more freely in large in spacious cages, aviaries and moated enclosures, built with modern zoo concept.

Meinmahla Kyun Wildlife Sanctuary
Located in Bogalay Township of Ayeyawaddy Division. Its area is 137 square kilometers and established in 1986. There is of Otter, sambar, hog deer, wild boar, crab-eating kra, wild dog, turtles and tortoiseds, estuarine crocodiles, fish, prawn, crab and 34 bird species are known to occur in the area and Ayeyawaddy Dolphin is said to occur occasionally in the area.

Alaungdaw Kathapha National Park
Located in Mingin Township of Sagaing Division its area is 1608 square kilometers. Established as a wildlife sanctuary in 1941 and opened as a nation park in 1984.Type of the forests are Moist Upper Mixed Deciduous Forest, Dry Upper Mixed Deciduous Forests, Lower Mixed Deciduous Forests, Indaing Forests, Pine Forests. Wild life: Elephant, tiger, leopard, gaur, banteng, sambur, barking deer, jungle goat, mountain goat, bear, wild boar, jungle cat many kinds of birds inhabit Alungdaw Kathapa.

Chatthin Wildlife Sanctuary
Located in Kanbula Township of Sagaing Division, larges 268 square kilometers. It was established in 1941. There are 5 kinds of Forest such as: Low Indaing Forests, High Indaing Forests, Flooded Indaing Forests, Upper Mixed Deciduous Forests and Grass Savanna Matric Forests. It hosted Macaca species, barking deer, wild dog leopard cat species, bat and Guano species, amphibian species and 158 of birds and approximately 1530 number of Thamin reside in the park.

Indawgyi Lake Wildlife Sancturay
Located in Mohnyin Township of Kachin State with area of 776 square kilometers and Established in 1999. It has an annual year round raining season with an average 1440 mm rainfall. In summer, average temperature is 27.9 C and in the cold season 17.2 C. There are Leopard, golden cat, the Malaya sun bear, gaur, banteng or wild cow, serow , goral, sport-billed pelican, vulture, other water birds,120 species of forest birds Myanmar peacock and Soft-shell turle in this sanctuary.

Shwesettaw Wildlife Sanctuary
Located in Minbu, Setote-taya, Saku and Ngapeh Townships of Magwe Division. Its area is 553 square kilometers. It was establishment as Wildlife Sanctuary in 1940 and strengthened with more staff in 1985. There are 3 kinds of forest Such as: Than-dahat Forest, Low ‘Indaing’(Dry Dipterocarp) Forest, Dry Deciduous Forest. There are Bear, Gaur, Sambar, Barking Deer, Eld’s deer, Wild boar and various types of wild cats, wild dogs and birds live in this area. In accordance with 1998 inventory, the population of thamin is increasing by (1088 ฑ 269) and the rare star tortoise (Geochelone platynota) is also present.

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